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"Whirly Bird" Roof Vents & Cellulose Fibre Insulation Removal & Roof Vacuuming
now available from Cosy!

Whether you are looking to get the heat out of your roof, or clean up some old insulationCosy Insulation have a new range of products available for you today. You may not know that your roof can get up to 70deg, however, using Edmonds roof ventilators we can keep you cool this summer. If your looking to remove old insulation and clean up your roof cavity our new roof vacuuming will have you sorted in no time. 
Call Mike or Jensen today and see how Cosy Insulation can keep you nice and cosy!
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Residential Insulation Consultation in Sydney

Serving Penrith, Campbelltown and All of Sydney


1. Sydney Insulation Consultation & Quoting

A Cosy representative will meet you at your home, at your convenience; where they will quickly take you through the simple process of insulating. They will in detail measure the areas to be insulated and ‘R value’ your home, which means they give you the best energy efficiency analysis to ensure they save you as much in energy costs, as well as in the cost of the insulation.

This means that the insulation provided by Cosy pays for itself quicker than anyone else!

2. Insulation Installers Sydney

At Cosy the staff are passionate in providing the best service possible. They follow to the utmost detail the best processes, and ensure your home is completely insulated with your precisely measured requirements. You will receive the most appropriate products installed to attain the best possible outcome for insulating your home.

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3. Execution

Execution - Satisfaction GuarenteedTo give you final piece of mind Cosy will have one of its company’s owners contact you personally (if he hasn’t done so already during the process!) to make sure you have been looked after in every way. To date in our 30 years we have never had a complaint; which makes us even keener to ensure you are completely satisfied. Cosy built its reputation on word of mouth, which means we have thousands of home owners who are happy enough to tell thousands of other people about us!

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Cosy's History

Cosy is a reputable and long established company and has not received one complaint or received any warnings from the relevant authorities concerning the insulation installed in the many homes it worked on.

Cosy continues to operate in the Sydney and surrounding areas in the insulation industry and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Insulation of your home remains an excellent way of reducing your energy bills and protecting the environment from carbon emissions and of course, it is great at keeping you warm this winter.

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